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HD Digital Tablet Menu POS Restaurant Software for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels

mEasyPOS System

mEasyPOS System

mEasyPos System is a revolutionary point of sale system solutions designed to provide flexibility and increase efficiency. mEasyPOS system is the next evolutionary step for restaurants that are looking for to increase customer awareness and loyalty, and offer their valued guests a modern and interactive way to order food as well as receive personalized and interactive service. mEasyPOS system provide sleek and easy-to-use system that you can use to replace your outdated paper menus and provide guests with attractive High Definition (HD) digital menus instead.

mEasyWaiter App

mEasyWaiter App

In this digital era , everything is going digital. Why not step into the new generation and take your orders through your mobile ? Waiter App is a client app for android devices which works along with mEasyPOS Manager. With Waiter App waiters are able to manage the table on the go. They can take fast orders as well as check out the tables with payment with a single click. No more paper and pen, Waiter app can be installed on any android mobile.




mEasyMenu is a new generation easy to use tablet menu system that replaces your traditional paper menu. Are you tired of reprinting your menus for new occasions and offers ? Its time to go digital with low cost affordable mEasyMenu.

mEasyMenu embraces tablet technology to update and improve the dining experience.With stunningly displayed dishes, diners can almost taste theitems the restaurant has to offer, as they browse the menu selections presented enticingly on  tablet.

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In this era Android devices are very cheap. Why not make use of the latest technology to offer HD (Hign Defination)  digital menu to your clients?  The HD Digital Menu having Vibrant photos, look better and inviting descriptions supersede the words of even the best servers. mEasyPOS System works wilh any type of android device. The reasons you should use mEasyPOS System: mEasyPOS gives life to your menu

goodbye paper menu


How mEasyMenu System Works ?


mEasyMenu System consist of two components.

1. mEasyMenu Manager

2. mEasyMenu App 

1. mEasyMenu Manager

mEasyMenu Manager is the backoffice of mEasyMenuSystem. mEasyMenu Manager is a windows app that can be installed on any pc  with windows XP/7 or 8 connected to wifi or lan. mEasyMenu Manager handles all the request sent from android devices installed with mEasyMenu App. All the menu management and creation is managed with mEasyMenu Manager. 

2. mEasyMenu App : 

mEasyMenu App is an android client of mEasyMenu System. mEasyMenu app is installed on android device with andoird OS higher than android 3.0. mEasyMenu App connects to mEasyMenu Manager through wifi  and downloads all the necessary datas . It is not necessary for mEasyMenu App to be connected to mEasyMenu Manager all the time after the datas have been synchronized . After data is synchronized , mEasyMenu App can work in offline mode without being connected to wifi . However Call Waiter and other functions require wifi to operate. 

View Demo and Installation Videos                             View System Requirement For mEasyMenu System


How mEasyPOS System Works ?


mEasyPOS System is a next generation solution for restaurant. Our system is as easy as 1-2-3. The whole system can be setup just within few hours and then you are ready to offer HD quality digital menu to your customers. The HD Digital Menu having Vibrant photos, look better and inviting descriptions supersede the words of even the best servers. Please check the Video below to understand the concept and workflow of mEasyPOS system.

View Demo and Installation Videos            View System Requirement For mEasyMenu System

1) mEasyPOS System with mEasyPOSApp WorkFlow

mEasyPOSApp is installed on  android tab which is used by Customers. They can place their orders themselves without the need to call Waiter. In case of any assistance they require then they can press CallWaiter Button which in turn will notify Waiters and at Counter.



2) mEasyPOS System with mEasyWaiterApp WorkFlow

mEasyWaiterApp is installed on waiter's android smart phone or android tablet. Waiters can use mEasyWaiterApp to assign table, browse menu, take orders, check order status (if its in preparing, prepared or Served status), make payments, checkout tables and lot more.


3) mEasyPOS System with mEasyKitchenApp WorkFlow

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